Best stocks in the luxury industry

The luxury market shares have come back to shine, but not all of them shine the same intensity. This is what analysts think at the end of last season’s quarter. This is a very important judgment that needs to be taken into account in both those who buy shares and those who choose to invest on the stock exchange through CFD trading.

Analysts’ judgment on the luxury segment is also a sigh of relief for so many. The crates that talked about a collapse in the industry and a drop in prices were in fact denied. With them, there are not even fears about the effects of Brexit and terrorism. The stocks of the luxury industry must consider the two events mentioned, but there has been no dramatic effect. Not only. To make Brexit’s expenses and terrorism were just a few sub-sectors and not the entire sub fund. Investing in luxury equity shares, therefore, is worthwhile, though you need to be very careful.

Analysis by Scilla Huang Sun, fund manager Julius Baer Multistock is very useful for making predictions on luxury stocks. In practice, there are some stocks to buy and others to look with more diffidence. In general terms, the most interesting titles are those of the sub-compartment of sports and cosmetics.

A lower step is followed by quotes from the leather industry. Below we find the jewelry and watches department.

Within the luxury sector, we also consider the stocks of car manufacturers (such as FCA and Ferrari) and those working in related industries such as Continental, Michelin and Pirelli tires (which is making its IPO, For more information read IPO Pirelli Tffound, Wardsauto and Il Sole 24 Ore) are the three most important names.

Updates on Pirelli IPO, while we are getting closer: two new great sources which allow us to better understand the importance of this event: Pirelli tyres will race to market with new hands at the wheel on the FT, and Pirelli to overtake AIB with largest European IPO this year on the Irishtimes.

Analysts have shown that they appreciate the accounts of the companies in the luxury sub-fund and therefore forecasts on the performance of the quotes are positive. But what prospects are now open for the next quarters? According to analyst Scilla Huang Sun, terrorism has an impact only in the short term. It is therefore conceivable that, once the immediate fears caused by the attacks are exhausted, sales can resume.

Best stocks in the luxury sector

Louis Vuitton and Gucci are the two brands in the luxury segment that most impressed investors. In the long run, you can invest in Kering (a Gucci controlled company) and LVMH. The stocks of Ferragamo are also very interesting.