Clean room systems

A little luxus you should indulge on

Clesline and Sylab are single portioning pieces, which are removable and high quality. Both Clesline and Sylab provide ideal flexibility and increase safety in clean room system. In addition, they are affordable and easy to install. Clesline is made in a design that makes it optimal in terms of cost. The removable partition comes in various designs including full panels, doors and glazed panels which can be replaced or reused individually.

Sylab partition is made for cleanrooms strict modular specifications. This means that installation is adapted to fit in the modular design without following the partitioning’s basic qualities.

 Features of Clesline

  • The panels customizable to fit in the layout of a specific cleanroom in a building.
  • The partition panels are easy to and ready to install and this reduces chances of getting any contamination in the installation process.
  • The panels have joints between them and bespoke elements can be easily integrated. They include elements such as pillars, pillars, wiring, connection points and piping.
  • They are easy to clean because they make a flush finish and the sealing is long lasting fit fir various environmental constraints.

Features of Sylab partition

  • The Sylab joint enables the user to remove every panel individually. The system is easy to install, use and maintain and they are accessible.
  • These partitioning panels come in modular design that enables the user to install them exactly where they want to. The joints do not have particular parts and their width is similar to the panel’s thickness.
  • Sealing is done depending on how the building is made. It can be done naturally by connecting the panels using simple mechanism or using acrylic or else silicone mastic.
  • The Sylab partitions have electrostatic characteristics, which are essential for electronic components and powders production.