Historical residences in Italy

Historical-residencesItaly is without any doubt some of the best to visit. One of the best and most luxury ways to stay in italian country is to choose a historic residence, usually set in natural landscapes, ideal for everyone who would like a quality trip, different from usual. Those residences are usually historic ones which has been carefully restored in order to keep the testimony of their ancient splendor.

Some of the best historic residences in the world are those in Italy, such as the amazing Petroia Castle, which is situated in the medieval heart of Gubbio, a charming historic town set in the centre of Umbrian countryside, characterized by the presence of three buildings: the Castellare Maggiore, the Castellare Minore and the Mastio, all characterized by an extremely suggestive scenario which brings customers in a real journey into the past without giving up all the amenities of a luxury accommodation.

Florence is believed to have the greatest concentration of luxury accomodations in the world. Thus, tourism is particularly strong, with world-renowned museums such as the Uffizi selling over 1.6 million tickets a year. The city’s convention centre facilities were restructured during the 1990s and host exhibitions, conferences, meetings, social forums, concerts and other events all year. You can find some elegant resorts in Florence (and Tuscany) by checking on italian local websites. Recommended resources are: Tuscany Accommodations (in english language) , and Last Minute.com (Florence hotels on Last Minute.

In Ragusa, the Poggio del Sole is a real historic accommodation. This building was part of an ancient ecclesiastical fief, built in the past in order to defend the area against pirates. From it you can have an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and of the island of Malta.

In Ferrara city center there is Villa Horti della Fasanara, an elegant historic accommodation situated few steps far from the Estense Castle and from the Palazzo dei Diamanti. It is a unique and elegant place, where you can breath the glorious past of this italian city.

In Spoleto, Villa Pianciani is a prestigious eighteenth century mansion, located between the valley of Spoleto and Assisi. Restored in order to preserve its original magnificence, it is characterized by the presence of a beautiful park, which includes ancient trees and a beautiful rose garden.