Pick a great hotel for an event

Conferences and events are important moments in any business activity, and their organization must be taken care of with the utmost attention to both location and details.

Choosing the right hotel in which to welcome collaborators and business partners becomes a crucial step in organizing the event. When choosing the most suitable place for a conference, it is good to consider some aspects that will make the difference between a successful event and one that leaves the guests puzzled and doubtful about the reliability of your company.

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When organizing a business event, is essential to take the location into account. When choosing the location, it is essential to check if there are secondary services inside: fitness rooms, spa and WiFi are small luxuries that contribute to improving the company’s image.


The place where the convention is organized must be easily accessible. It is therefore appropriate that it is close to major road arteries, well connected to railway stations and airports and with public transport in the immediate vicinity.


The fulcrum of the company conference will be the real meeting with guests. Therefore, the chosen place need to have ample space, suitable to comfortably accommodate many people. Particular attention must be paid to technical equipment. During the event there may need one or more microphones, speakers and screens which will be used for videos and slides.


Catering is an important detail. Even in the shortest meetings, a restorative break is always necessary: a coffee break or a small lunch will be greatly appreciated by guests. You can contact a catering agency, who will be responsible for delivering meals at the scheduled time. Or, even better, you can rely directly on the hotel interior kitchen services, which will make everything better and easier.


The corporate conference, especially if aimed at its employees, has the goal of promoting cohesion, implementing mutual trust and availability to teamwork. This is why it is important that the meeting also includes some leisure moments. The proximity of the location to places of cultural interest, in this case, play a great role.