Pool in the garden: solutions and tips

Pool-in-the-gardenOwning a pool is always seen as a symbol of prosperity, quote often it is found in villas and luxury accommodations. Is it difficult and expensive to have a nice pool available in the home garden? Until not too long ago the answer would be yes, but in recent years there has been an event that reversed this trend: the spread of above ground pools.

More and more those kind of pools are seen in gardens of terraced, semi-detached and detached houses, sometimes even in small apartments, available for all of inhabitants in a building.

How to choose among the many possibilities? First we have to ask ourselves a fundamental question: we are looking for a pool that remains in the garden throughout all the year, or for a pool which can be quickly assembled to use only during the summer months?

In case we want a swimming pool to leave in the garden all the year round, is possible to opt for a pool build in wood or in wood and steel. These types of solutions are one of the most stylistically beautiful and refined. Average prices are usually between $ 2.000 and $ 5.000 , depending on the diameter and the height.

If we prefer a swimming pool which can be quickly assembled in June and disassembled in September, a good solution is a plastic one, cheapest than the first solution. Prices usually range from $500 to $1.000 , depending on width and height of the pool itself.

Once we know the perfect solution for our needs, it becomes quite easy to choose the best pool for our garden, in order to enjoy the summer in a “cold” way.