Romantic restaurants from all over the world

Romantic-restaurantsEveryday engaged couples are wondering where could they have the perfect evening and romantic dinner, with candles lit, white wine or red wine, meat or fish, and much more, in order to celebrate their own anniversaries, for example. Usually the dilemma for a couple is to choose where have their romantic dinner. Usually a romantic restaurant must be also a good restaurant, where waiters can take care of every detail.

For European residents, here is a quick list of romantic restaurants for all tastes, beginning to the Thai restaurant Gardens, which can be found in Salamanca, Spain. In the spanish capital, Madrid, is possible to enjoy lunch or dinnes at the Annapurna and at the Hindu Madrid (it is a sample of typical dishes from Hindu culture). It is considered one of the most romantic restaurant in Spain thanks also to its various aphrodisiac dishes prepared with the most exquisite spices of the Mediterranean coast. If you want something a little more exclusive you can go to La Favorita, located in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, romantic restaurant where is possible to enjoy a wide menu of typical dishes from all around the Spain.

Flighing away from Spain, we can have a list of romantic restaurants from all over the world, so you can enjoy at the best your anniversary wherever you are. In Camargue, France, for example, there are lots of romantic restarants with nice view on the sandy beaches and this medieval town.

In Italy some of the best places to go to find a nice restaurant for you and your partner is the famous “Cinque Terre“, in Liguria, formed by the villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.