The perfect soundtrack for luxus

Luxury is a real “way of live”. Today everything can be luxurious, from an accommodation to a SPA, without forgetting flights, cruises and our own home, if we decide to make if luxurious (just think to a nice and big pool in the garden, it sounds luxurious, doesn’t it?).

Luxury is also in music and some particular songs give us this idea, this feeling. So, what are the best songs if we would like to have a sort of luxus soundtrack?

Luxurious by Gwen Stefani is the first song to insert into our soundtrack. It’s a song from the first album of this American artist and date back in 2004. The song, which was the fifth single of the album, is a jam love song and include descriptions of riches, cashmere and diamonds. That pretty luxus!

Standing In the Shadows Of Love by Barry White is the right second song for our soundtrack. Lyrics are a pure expression of love which is absolutely luxury. There is nothing more pure of true love and when a person feel it, he or she seems like their entire life is perfect, full of luxury cannot be found anywhere else.

The cover of Maroon 5 Animals by folk singer Lisbon Soul (FB page here) could be an unusual choice, for those who want to marry the curves of pop with the softness of folk.

Strawberry Bubblegum by Justin Timberlake, a pop and R&B song with a combination of grooves and psychedelic soul. As we read on Rockol, digital magazine about the world of the music, the American singer and actor, well known for his philanthropic commitment, on 8th January 2014 had won the award for the “Favorite album” at People’s Choice Awards, one of the most important awards ever for a musician.